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Concrete Jungle tiles are a range of floor tiles that are manufactured from porcelain and are rectified, They are unglazedfrost proof and are available in the size of 60×60 only.

Furthermore this range is also available in 3 colours, As can be seen in the pictures above, From the left to right these colours are: Atelier (25), Factory (56) and Pub (49), With 2 finishes also available to choose from, One of which is the Honed version that is more smooth to the touch than the other.

Pricing for this range:

Prices on these tiles are as follows, and includes all 3 of the colours:

0-9m² – £54.00 per m²

10-19m² – £45.90 per m²

20-29m² – £37.80 per m²

For the honed finish on these tiles including all 3 of the colours, prices are:

0-9m² – £58.67 per m²

10-19m² – £49.87 per m²

20-29m² – £41.07 per m²

These beautiful tiles can be confidently installed within your home, In an array of situations.
The non-honed version of this tile carries an R10 A+B Rating, Which makes this a good tile for any interior flooring situation.

Special pieces are available in this range that consists of any of the following: skirting tile, step tread line, step tread and a corner step tread, to give your room that finishing touch.

These tiles are available to view within our showroom we have all 3 colours of this range out to view, as well as a honed version.
For the full brochure please follow the link here: Concrete Jungle Brochure

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