Marca Corona, Deluxe.

A range of both porcelain and ceramic tiles, for both floor and wall projects.

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Deluxe, white, marble tile Grey, marble effect tile, at lowes bathroom and tile ltd Beige, ceramic wall tiles available, lowes services (east anglia) ltd bronze, porcelain floor tile Dark, marca corona available at Lowes bathroom and tile showroom, ellough, beccles

Deluxe is a stunning, luxury range of tiles, That will add a touch of class to your home, The Deluxe range is inspired by the beauty of marble.
This collection is on display within our showroom, which includes the decorative tiles, borders and mosaics.
These tiles will give your home a contemporary character and timeless allure.
Deluxe contains 5 colours, all of which co-ordinate beautifully with one another, the colours available are as above from left to right: White, Grey, Beige, Bronze and Dark.

The porcelain tiles of this range are rectified and full-bodied and are available for the floor and wall.
Various sizes of these tiles are available to purchase, which includes the following: 60×120, 45×90, 60×60 and 30×60.

There is also a large variety of decorative tiles that co-ordinate with the main tile colours shown above, that would blissfully compliment your room design.
Here are a few examples of the decorative tiles in white.

The following are available in all 5 colours (excluding only Treccia, which is available in white, grey and beige only)  all are available to view inside the brochure linked at the bottom of this page:

white bordo wall tile

white alzata decorative wall tile marca corona range

white fregio decorative wall border

white linea decor tile for wall, from lowes services ltd

white tessere rombi, mosaic, lowes services
Tessere Rombi

brick mosaic, lowes services tile showroom
Brick mosaic

white marble mosaic
Classic Mosaic

mosaic, weave, lowes services
Treccia, Mosaic

Two other decorative wall tiles are also accessible within the collection (see pictures below), but these two designs are only possible in the colours of Beige and Bronze, They also come in two sizes, The detailing on these is truly exquisite, and is a must see tile:


Beige decor, lowes services east anglia ltd now lowes bathroom and tile ltd

Beige, wall tile, lowes bathroom and tile ltd


As there are so many variations within this range, Price list’s are available upon request.

The price for the main porcelain floor tiles as of the top of the page, in any of the 5 colours in the 60×60 size in a matt finish are: £41.67 per m²
These tiles are direct from Marca Corona’s factory in Italy and can take up to 2 weeks delivery,
You would receive a phone call from us once they arrive in the UK and are ready for delivery to you.

The above is only an example of the Deluxe range, It does not contain the whole collection.
We do suggest browsing through the brochure to fully appreciate this unique collection for all that it has to offer.
Hard copies of this brochure are available in our showroom to collect and browse through at your own leisure.

For the full on-line brochure of this range, you can find it here: Marca Coronas brochure downloads

For any more information, or advice regarding this or any of our other collection’s: Contact us via our on-line web form, pop into the showroom or give us a call on 01502 470894.