Caesar: Flair.7

These are exciting, sought after tiles, that bring their full colour and own glamorous personality to any residential or commercial space.

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These tiles are a full-bodied porcelain, which are available in the modular sizes of 60×60 and 30×60, Now also in the new 75×75 size too, Which are great for architectural projects.
This range of tiles have a matt finish to them, Suitable for both floors and walls, They are available in 7 colours, and also has the option of matching décor tiles that are in the 30×60 size only.

Below is the range of colours available, with their names within this Caesar range:

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Pricing for Flair.7:

For an up to date price list for flair that includes all colours, special pieces and size information please use our on-line web form to Contact Us and we will issue you with the latest prices available.
As a guideline, below is a list of prices for tiles that are currently on show at our tile showroom in Ellough.

30×60: In colour Charme: £54.00 per m² including vat, for the colour Passion the price is: £66.00 per m²
60×60: For the colour Casual the pricing is: £78.00 per m² including vat, For colours Relax, Intense, Elegance and Joy, the pricing is as follows: £72.00 per m²
We do not currently show any 75×75 in our showroom at this time, however we have included below the pricing for these:
75×75: In colours, Joy and Relax £86.00 per m² including vat, for the other colours in the range: Elegance and Charme the pricing is as follows: £92.85 per m² including vat

All 7 colours are available to view at our Showroom, We can also provide a free quote for your room design if required.

Follow the link to the Caesar brochure here: Flair.7 you will find all the information you need, and a variety of pictures of the range and of the matching décor tiles.