Floor tiles

A selection of ideas from our showroom

We Offer a Large range of tiles for your flooring needs.
Also if required, We are able provide you with underfloor heating, to provide that added comfort, Tiles don’t have to be cold on your feet!

When you come to tile a floor space, there are several routes you could explore.

The first being that you could create a classic chequerboard effect in your room, using any two colours of tile, or indeed as many colours as you like, you are not limited in your designing.
Below here are a couple of inspirational pictures, the first being the classic black and white, and the second a mix of our stone effect italian tiles, there are darker colours within this range.
All the tiles shown here are available from us.

checker board effect floor tiles at Lowes tile showroom, Beccles, suffolk
Chequerboard stone effect tiles available at Lowes Bathroom and Tile Showroom, Beccles, Suffolk, East Anglia

You could look into bringing the natural look into your home, Our wood effect floor tiles are perfect for achieving this. With wood grain textures and lifelike knots the tiles appearance resembles the real thing,
they would look fantastic on any floor. As they are natural colours they would also compliment any colour scheme, both now and in the future.
Shown here are just two of our many different wood effect tiles,
These are from our Italian country range, first being beige and the second is classed as grey.

Wood plank flooring available at Lowes Tile Showroom, Beccles, Suffolk
Wood Tiles, available at Lowes Tile Showroom, Ellough, Beccles, Suffolk

Another type of wood effect floor tile is the parquet effect, That are wood block design patterns like herringbone, these are very chic and stylish tiles and would bring any floor to life, a few examples are shown here:

Parquet flooring Lowes bathroom and tile showroom, Beccles, Suffolk
Parquet floor tile Lowes tile showroom, Beccles, Suffolk
wood effect parquet flooring available at Lowes tile showroom, Beccles, suffolk

Bring in the past, Victorian Floor tiles are picking up pace again and becoming very popular, you could go for the classic design or be more adventurous and design your own floor,
with a range of colours now available the options are endless. (Example pictures for our Victorian tiles can be found via our contents bar at the top of the page.)
For more of a modern, glamorous look, you could go for something from our Italian range of tiles: Flair, these tiles are full colour, textured and sought after for their singularity,
They are minimal and spectacular at the same time, and would bring a touch of class into your home. Below is a small image of our Flair tiles so that you can see just how unique they really are.

Flair, italian floor tiles, lowes bathroom and tile showroom, beccles, suffolk

Plenty more ranges are available for viewing at our Bathroom and Tile Showroom in Beccles, This is just a small hand selected example of what we can offer you.