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Bourgogne: An Exterior and Interior Tile Range

Blustyle ceramica at lowes bathroom and tile ltd Ellough, Beccles, East Anglia

Introducing our new Bourgogne range of tiles, These are porcelain tiles, Made in Italy, Imported by us.

They are a rectified tile, Which means all tiles in this range have had an extra factory run, To be cut to the exact same width and length as the one before it, Which in turn means that you will be able to achieve neat, Straight grout lines throughout your room’s new look.

There is a honed and rectified finish (named Adouci) also available of this tile, Honed means that this tile has been “smoothed” down during the factory process, so that
they are not shiny, but they are not considered a matt tile either, they are just defined as smooth, When you touch these tiles you will see why.
So you have 2 choices of style available: Adouci (rectified and honed) and Sablé (rectified).

Your second choice is colour, There are now 2 natural colours available in both Adouci and Sable finishes.
Please note, We have recently been informed by Blustyle that Fonce coloured tiles within this range have now been discontinued, Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Special pieces include a skirting tile or a step tread line, These are of course optional to your design.

Bourgogne comes in 2 sizes, The first being 60×60, Second size is of 30×60, All these sizes are rectified.
The special piece sizes are: Skirting: 60×5, Step tread: 32.5×45.
These tiles are frost proof, Are suitable for outdoor areas, The Sablé finish carry’s an R11 A+B rating that is one of the recommended “R” ratings for an outdoor tile.

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The Bourgogne range is available for viewing within our Showroom in both Adouci and Sable finishes.

Follow the link here to see the full brochure by Blustyle Ceramica here: Bourgogne Brochure. The brochure contains all details that you would require to make your decision.

Please note: There is a 20×60 size within the brochure linked above, But this has been discontinued by the manufacturer, So is therefore unattainable.

Pricing :

For the Sablé finish, 60×60 and 30×60 tiles :
0-9m² is £56.00
10-19m² is £47.60
20+m² is £39.20
For the Adouci finish, 60×60 and 30×60 tiles:
0-9m² is £57.33
10-19m² is £48.73
20+m² is £40.13

We have endeavoured to supply as much information as you would need for this range of tiles, If however you cannot find any of the information you need, Please do not hesitate to Contact us via our web form, Or alternatively, Pop into our Showroom or you could give us a call on: 01502 470894.

All Prices are subject to change, But they are up to date at the time of posting.