Blustyle, Sandstone Range

Our Sandstone range of floor tiles:

sandstone interior, exterior tiles

This range of floor tiles are made from Porcelain, Are rectified and are suitable for both interior and exterior installations.
They come in a choice of two colours which are Arizona or Colorado, Arizona being the lighter of the two.
They come in sizes 60×60, which includes both interior and exterior tiles, Also 45×45 as the interior version,

Pricing for 60×60 size is as follows:

0-9m² – £52.00 per m²
10-19m² – £44.20 per m²
20-29m² – £36.40 per m²

Prices are the same for either the Interior or Exterior 60×60 tiles.

The exterior tiles that are available come in sizes of 60×60, 30×60.

Prices for the 30×60 Exterior Tiles are as follows:

0-9m² – £52.00 per m²
10-19m² – £44.20 per m²
20-29m² – £36.40 per m²

Sandstone outdoor

Special pieces

There are the following pieces that are also available to compliment your room design and add those finishing touches, Prices for these pieces are available on request. There is a link to our webform “contact us” at the bottom of this page that you can use for any additional information needed.

Skirting tile:

skirting tile sandstone

There is a Step Tread Line also available:

sandstone step tread line

Also an “L” shaped Piece, information below:

L-Shaped Piece Flex

The full brochure of information and more pictures for this range, is available via this link.
Blustyle, Sandstone Brochure

Contact us for any extra information that you may require.