Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tile Ranges

Although most tiles nowadays can be used in kitchen settings, here are a few of the classic sizes and colour ranges that you would usually find in a traditional kitchen setting.
Hoping to give you inspiration, take your time to browse the following images of a few of the ranges available with us.
The main brochure for these tiles is linked at the bottom of the page for your convienience, So that you can also see the other ranges available through this Uk manufacturer.


Galway are gloss tiles that are available in 6 shades of various colours, they measure 8 x 16cm per tile, and are a classic design used in kitchens for splashbacks or full tiling.

Galway, Rectangular tiles, lowes tile showroom


Heritage are in the size of 7.5 x 15cm, so are a rectangular, bumpy, glossy classic kitchen wall tile, that gives a handmade look.

Heritage, lowes services, ellough beccles


Rustic tiles are cut into the size of 33.15 x 33.15 with a textured surface, The decorative Taco mix that you can see in the picture below come in 75 different designs that are randomly supplied. For the taco mix tiles you have 3 colour choices, Grey, Mix and Black. (Please see the brochure for more details)

Rustic kitchen tile

San Remo

San remo has the classic 10 x 10 tile size, but also includes a matching mosaic or border tile. This collection features it’s own, matching floor tiles, that compliments the wall tiles beautifully, the floor tiles can be seen within the brochure that is linked at the bottom of the page.

San Remo


Loft is a collection of 20 x 20 tiles, Available in 5 natural colours, Which also has a scored decorative tile available in the same size and all 5 colours, so as to compliment your design and make a feature.

For the full brochure, That includes not only kitchen tiles, but all collections from Waxman, Please follow the link here: Waxman (Full) tile brochure

If you should require any additional information or pricing on any of the ranges on this page or within the brochure you can contact us via our on-line web form, Give us a call on 01502 470894, Or pop in to Our tile showroom and have a chat with us and a look at the tiles for yourself.