Geotech – Limestone Effect Porcelain Tiles

Limestone effect tiles from our Geotech Range


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Limestone effect tiles that have the gorgeous look of natural limestone combined with the strength of porcelain.
Geotech has been inspired by the stones taken from the quarries of Buxy in Eastern France.

This range is awash with full-bodied tiles that are suitable for most interior project designs, there are 2 available sizes within this range of floor tiles, which are 60×60 and the smaller more classic floor tile size of 45×45.

4 natural colours have been produced for this collection, as shown above in the pictures (click picture to enlarge image), from left to right the colours are as follows: Ivory, Beige, Grey and Dark.

These also come in 2 finishes, Of which both can be found in all 4 colours, On display within our showroom in the 60×60 size.
Special pieces available to purchase within this range are as follows: Skirting tile’s and step tread line tile’s.
These tiles are manufactured in Italy, and imported by us directly, So there will be a delivery time of up to 2 weeks from the point of sale on these tiles.

More information on sizes of the special pieces and further pictures of the tiles in-situ can be found in the brochure linked at the bottom of the page.

Pricing for Geotech:

0-9m² – £45.00 per m²
10-19m² – £38.25 per m²
20-29m² – £31.50 per m²

For the “lux” version of this tile which is honed and rectified, prices are as follow:

0-9m² – £52.50 per m²
10-19m² – £44.63 per m²
20-29m² – £36.75 per m²

For the brochure featuring this range, please follow the link to it here: Geotech: Natural Limestone

For any more information regarding this range Contact us via our on-line form, Or give us a call on 01502 470894.