Mosaic Collection


  • white marble mosaic

We have a good selection, variety and choice of mosaics available here at our showroom, that includes, colour, size, and price.
From simple square designs to more intricate hexagon shapes, obtainable in an array of materials and colours, we are confident we have something for you.
Our collection of mosaic pieces are from a variety of suppliers, both UK based and from Italy, to bring you the best selection.

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A strip of mosaics can really make a feature of your room. This picture is from an installation by us, and as you can see the mosaic transforms the shower, and is an eye-catching feature.

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This page shows just a small selection of the available styles and colours of our mosaics situated in our showroom.
For any more information, Contact us, give us a call on 01502 470894, Or you can visit our showroom where we will be happy to assist you.