Marca Corona, Streaming

Streaming, Floor and Wall tiles, These tiles are rectified, Full-bodied, porcelain tiles.
These tiles have row upon row of linear shades that run along the surface, which gives these tiles their striped finesse.

Streaming, olive, Lowes-Services (East Anglia) Ltd

Streaming tiles are available in both floor and wall sizes, The range includes matching mosaics to complement your room.
This range has a contemporary linear design, are made by Marca Corona and are available in 5 natural colours, Ivory, Grey, Smoke, Olive and Black.
They are finished to a high standard with a glossy-matt look.

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Sizes available and pricing inclusive of vat for this range are:

For the Black, Grey and Ivory colour versions of this range and size, the pricing is £69.30 per m²

22.5 x 90 : £68.90 per m² : Black, Grey and Ivory: £70.70 per m²

15 x 90 : £68.90 per m² : Black Grey and Ivory: 70.70 per m²

15 x 60 : £50.60 per m² : Black, Grey and Ivory: 52.80 per m²

60 x 60 : £59.95 per m² : Same price for all colour versions

30 x 60 : £51.95 per m² : Same price for all colour versions

45 x 45 : £42.50 per m²: Black, Grey and Ivory: £43.40 per m²

streaming ivory lowes services ltd

There are also matching mosaics available to compliment this range in all 5 colours, These come in 30×30 sheets. prices are available upon request.
To help you with your decision making, All tiles in this range carry an R9 rating, Which makes them suitable to use for flooring in hallways and living spaces, but can be used anywhere for walls.

Visit our showroom where you will find select tiles from this range on display.
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