Lowes Bathroom and Tile Ltd

Terms and Conditions, 2018 to Current

1) On acceptance of the estimate you are agreeing to the following points, acceptance is taken verbally or in writing. In all points listed below where acceptance or consent is required, this will be taken verbally or in writing. Writing also refers to digital media such as email or text messages.

2) The estimate provided is an educated guess at what your completed job may cost, and doesn’t include any unforeseen costs which may arise while on the job, by way of materials, labour or additional tradesman. It is an estimate and not a quotation. For example, we are not able to see what pipework is under a shower tray or bath without dismantling components, or if the wall will be damaged when we remove tiles.

3) If any extra work is required, you will be asked if you would like to proceed. An estimate of additional cost can be provided if required.

4) Once you have given consent to proceed with any extra work this will be added to the final invoice and you agree to pay for that extra cost, over and above the original estimate.

5) If any other trades are required to carry out any additional work while the job is underway you will be notified in the first instance, and then asked if you wish for the work to be carried out by them. Estimates can be supplied if requested when the tradesmen visit. I can arrange all additional trades on your behalf as long as you give consent. If you wish you can also supply your own tradesmen to carry out the work. This will usually apply to additional carpentry, electrical or plastering work.

6) Estimates do not include an allowance for electrical work unless otherwise stated, lf electrical work is required I am able to arrange it on your behalf if requested. The cost of which will be an additional charge to the original estimate. You can of course supply your own electrician.

7) All additional tradesmen required to carry out work will invoice you separately, unless it is stated in writing that it will be added to our final invoice

8) The quantity, and size, of materials and plumbing items are estimated to the best of our ability from all information available at the time or ordering. No responsibility will be taken for shortages or over ordering of materials.

9) We take no responsibility for the quality of any items you supply. If there are any problems relating to items you supply it will be down to you to contact your suppliers rectify any faults or issues. If any extra work is required to install items you have supplied it will be added to the final invoice at additional cost,

10) All guarantees on products are manufacturer backed, and usually are parts only, unless otherwise stated. If you have problems with materials supplied you will need to contact the relevant manufacturer for assistance. If we are asked to fit spare parts supplied under a guarantee it will be chargeable at the usual labour rate.

11) Our Plumbing installation work is guaranteed for 1 year from invoice date.

12) The estimate doesn’t include removal of waste from site, unless listed. If you wish for waste to be removed the cost will be added to the final invoice. Alternatively you can arrange for the materials to be removed.

13) Estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of the estimate, or until the date stated on the estimate. The price of materials may change after this time due to manufacturer’s price increases.

14) All goods remain the property of Lowes Bathroom and Tile Ltd until payment for materials is received in full.

15) Items either cannot be refunded or will be subjected to a 25% restocking charge and any additional carriage charges incurred.

17) We will not be held liable for any cost or inconvenience incurred should a job either run over the scheduled time, or if we cannot start the job on the date provided. We will always give notice of any change to start date, as soon as we are aware.

18) We do not provide professional cleaning services for the completed installation, unless specifically stated on the estimate. We can recommend a cleaner, or sub-contract cleaning services at additional cost if required. We will leave the installation in a tidy manner.

19) Flooring in the property, and shower trays, will be protected to the best of our ability using plastic protector, or dust sheets. We will not be held liable for damage to flooring within the property while installation is being carried out provided we have used those protective coverings. We will not be held liable for any injury caused by a slip, trip, or fall on any protective coverings used.